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Yoga Balance Ibiza

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Welcome, amazing soul

I am Jana and I am absolutely  thrilled to welcome you here, in my world of yoga, meditation and overall wellness.

I am here to offer you yoga in Ibiza – the best yoga experience for your body, mind and soul.  And because I am passionate about teaching yoga in beautiful natural surroundings I invite you to join me for my yoga sessions by the sea or in the heart of the nature of Ibiza. 

You are precious and you deserve the best. So dive into the luxury of self-care and let me guide you on your journey to your well-being.

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Yoga class Ibiza
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Need to know who is Jana?

  • Passionate Yoga Teacher
  • Aerobic & Fitness Instructor
  • NLP Coach
  • Professional Tourist Guide
  • Nature Lover
  • Traveller with an open heart
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about ibiza

Discover Ibiza, its history and the real beauty of its nature

What to do in Ibiza

There are so many things you can do In Ibiza. Yoga practice is just one of them.

History of Ibiza

The city of Ibiza is one of the oldest in Spain and the western Mediterranean. It was founded in the year 654 BC by the Phoenicians, a seafaring and trading people who came from the eastern Mediterranean.

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What My Clients Say

„I love the classes with Jana. The connection she is able to create is incredible.
She guides us with small steps, she teaches us to be aware of each movement, each breath, and so everything seems so simple.“

Dita, Mallorca, 2019