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About Me

Hi, I am Jana

I am a Yoga Teacher

My name is Jana Vanhees and I was born in Prague. Over the past 15 years I have been living and working in Ibiza.

I am passionate about teaching yoga in beautiful natural surroundings where you can connect fully with the beauty around you. This will remind you of all the beauty you have inside yourself, of all the  love and compassion you have inside your heart.

My passion is to show you through movement and stillness how well your body is designed to feel. I gently guide you into each pose so that you can find your balance and feel comfortable. I guide you to connect the movement with your breath so that you can release any tensions and blockages in your physical, emotional and mental body. I guide you to liberate your body and mind and let the energy flow freely bringing more balance, harmony and joy into your body, your mind and your everyday life I came to Ibiza to work in tourism as I am also a tour guide and traveling is also my passion and plays an important part in my life.

Yoga Style I Teach

In my yoga classes I teach Vinyasa Krama yoga because the approach of this system to the practice of yoga poses (yogasana) is unique in all of yoga. 

It is an ancient practice of physical and spiritual development. It uses a systematic method based on sequencing of asanas, on the use of counterposes and on synchronizing the movements with the breath. And its integral part is meditation.

During the practice of Vinyasa Krama we do every movement  slowly and with complete synchronization of the breath. Your normal breathing rate is about fifteen breaths per minute. In the vinyasa krama we can reduce this rate considerably. You can get down  to six breaths per minute and it is even possible for very expert yogis to reduce their breathing  rate to three or two breaths per minute.

Why we want to slow our breath down? Because the mind follows the breath. If your breath is slow, your mind slows down and you can achieve an elevated level of mental peace. And mental peace brings ease and joy into your body and into your daily life.

What I Do for You

Private yoga classes are ideal if you want to build your personal yoga practice.

Coaching sessions help you navigate the challenges of life in a sustainable way through yoga, mediation and healthy mindset.


Regular Classes

Join me for a extraordinary experience in Ibiza – whether you have a regular yoga practice or you are just visiting Ibiza and want to experience a yoga session by the sea.

Yoga Travels & Events

Retreats bring you the opportunity to recharge, renew and reconnect with your inner self and with the nature.

Yoga can create an amazing experience for your event – be it a wedding or pre-wedding celebration, team-building or business event.

My Certifications

Hatha Yoga
Vinyasa Krama
Kids and Family Yoga
Developmental Psychology

Why do yoga

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is liberation.






















Why do Yoga with Me

Holistic Guidance

 Comibining my knowledge from psychology, NLP, dance and wellness.

Professional Approach

Your well-being and your safety is my priority.

My Certifications

Your well-being and your safety is my priority.


My Experience

Comibining my knowledge from psychology, NLP, dance and wellness.


What My Clients Say

„Jana introduced me to yoga and from the first day she inspired me with confidence and calmness. She brought peace into my life and made me want to learn more about yoga and the yogic way of life.
I am grateful to have been able to attend her classes. And also to have met a great person and a great professional.“

Clara, Ibiza, 2020