APRIL 4-8, 2024


-Yoga & Hiking Spring Break   

Our Yoga and Hiking Spring Break in Mallorca is tailor-made for adventurous souls that seek both tranquility and thrill.

Have you been yearning for a retreat that harmonizes the tranquility of yoga with the exhilaration of mountain trails?

Well, the wait is over! If you are a nature-loving soul  and you are eager to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit – then you must

join us for 5 days of an invigorating blend of yoga and hiking in Mallorca.

Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast, a hiking lover, or someone just craving a rejuvenating escape, this retreat is your oasis.

Immerse yourself in the serene landscapes of Mallorca, where yoga sessions under the spring sun and exhilarating hikes along

scenic trails await.

It is time to make YOU a priority and awaken your well-being! You are amazing and you deserve the best!

i am ready to join now! 

An empowering  journey

Spring is without any doubt the best season for renewal, growth and new beginnings. It is the time when nature comes alive and serves as the perfect backdrop for rediscovering your inner power. As the season blooms with renewal, so will your inner strength and vitality.

This trip is designed to help you break from the routine, to rediscover yourself, to reconnect with your inner wisdom and your inner peace. It uniquely combines the serenity of yoga with the invigorating experience of hiking, allowing you to harmonize your physical and spiritual well-being. And the perfect complement to our yoga retreat is the practice of forest therapy, a practice that involves immersing oneself in the natural environment of a forest. This will add an extra sprinkle of zen to your journey of self-discovery

The empowerment in yoga lies in its ability to cultivate resilience and mindfulness. During our revitalizing yoga sessions amidst the natural beauty of Mallorca your will embrace your body, build strength and stability, and generate a profound sense of self-awareness.

Our conscious hikes will not only make your muscles work but will also bring space for reflection and clarity, and a satisfying dose of self-confidence and fulfillment when you reach the top.

Forest therapy practice will bring you to the present moment and connect you with nature on a profound level. This sensory adventure will not only lower the level of  stress hormones but it will boost your mood!

Yoga sessions will be tailor-made for our intimate group – maximum number of participants for this trip is 16.  Gentle vinyasa flow sessions will connect you fully with your breath, will release tensions and blockages in your body and increase the flow of Prana, your vital energy. You will learn breathing techniques that will help you  stay focused and balanced in your everyday life


Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.” ―Janice Trachtman 

Mallorca view
Mallorca view

What will I experience?

Mind-Body Harmony: Yoga, meditation and journaling sessions that will expand your consciousness and connect you deeply with your essence and the sense of gratitude. Yoga sessions are suitable  even for complete beginners. You will gain confidence and connection with your body.

Reconnect with Nature: Mallorca’s breathtaking mountains are just the perfect place where you will activate your senses, deepen your connection with nature and with yourself. Hiking will add an invigorating cardio boost and a sense of accomplishment. Forest therapy sessions will take you fully to the present moment, bringing you mental clarity and a deeper sense of calm. And the panoramic views  will take your breath away (in the best way possible).

• Expert Guidance: Personalized attention, tips for growth, and support on your personal journey from Jana – a yoga and forest therapy instructor. Deep immersion into the local culture, nature and history from Dita – a knowledgeable and experienced local guide.

 • Unplug and Recharge: In the heart of the Tramuntana mountains you will experience the serenity of the former Lluc monastery. Even though there is a wifi connection available I would encourge you to take a digital detox. A digital detox will give your busy mind a break and will help you to listen to yourself – to your body, to your intuition more. After spending some time in the nature just with yourself you will reconnect with your inner calmness and  will come home feeling lighter, with clear mind, more open and grounded. 

 • Connection and Community: The shared experience of practicing yoga and exploring nature together fosters a sense of community and connects you with like-minded yogis and travelers. Through laughter and joy you may find new friendships, boost your confidence and open yourself to a new way of experiencing life.

 • Culinary delights: You will get the opportunity to enjoy the irresistible charm of Mallorcan food culture, to savor each bite of tasty tapas in an unhurried way and to embrace the island’s laid-back ambiance. 

Don’t let this opportunity for self-discovery and adventure pass you by! Join us in Mallorca, where every sun salutation and mountain trail is a step towards a healthier, happier you. Your transformative journey awaits –  let’s make memories that last a lifetime!


Why Mallorca?

Because the slow island life is just what you need to  slow down, recharge and shine again!

This wonderful island, nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean,  will surprise you with a harmonious blend of serene landscapes, ancient charm, and a tranquil energy that is just perfect for your transformative wellness experience.

Mallorca in spring is a vibrant place full of rich colours and intoxicating scents of orange trees in bloom. Azahar, the essence of orange blossoms, fills the air at every step. So close your eyes and feel the air caressed by a fragrance so enchanting,

Now imagine practicing yoga amidst the lush spring nature, with the soothing sound of the sea or the wind and the Azahar fragrance as your backdrop. 

Our hiking trails will lead to stunning panoramic views, inviting you to reconnect with nature and to let your eyes and heart be filled with this beauty. You will discover the rustic charm of mountain villages and will travel back in time meeting the local people with their donkeys.

The island’s springtime blooms and gentle climate create the perfect setting for a rejuvenating retreat, making Mallorca an ideal destination to unwind, rejuvenate, and find your inner balance.

And as it is hard to describe the magical beauty of an island life the best thing you can do is to come with us and experience it yourself!


Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. – Seneca


• One night at the beautiful 4 star Ciutat Jardi hotel at the beach near Palma de Mallorca city.

• Two nights at  Lluc Monastery at the heart of Tramuntana mountains.

• One night at the amazing 4 star hotel at the Port of Sóller with spa.

• 4 x breakfast and 4 x midday picnic. 

• Transfers during the trip.

• All yoga and meditation sessions.

• Guided visits and activities according to the programme.

• Our amazing local guide during the whole trip.

• A pre-trip Zoom meeting where you get to know your fellow travelers and where we will set the intention for our trip.

• A post-trip support group to continue with your practice.

• A special welcome gift – our appreciation for choosing to embark on this transformative journey with us.



• Your return flight ticket to/from Palma de Mallorca Airport

• Transfer from/to Palma de Mallorca Airport (we arrange the transport on request)

• Your Travel, Medical and Trip Cancellation Insurance – REQUIRED!

• Evening meals.

• Your personal expenses.


Who are your guides?


• Certified Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, certified in Crystal Healing Therapy, trained in Forest Therapy and in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). Licensed tourist guide based in Ibiza, co-owner of a tour agency in Ibiza ( ) with extensive knowledge in travel planning.

• Combining my passion for movement and for healthy and balanced life style and my passion for personal growth and self-discovery through traveling.

• Guiding you gently to feel your body, to connect with your breath and with your inner wisdom, helping you to find your balance and your inner power and confidence and to bring awareness, kindness and compassion into your daily actions, into your words and your thoughts.

 • Through yoga you create connections – with yourself and with the others. Join me on this journey.


Licensed tourist guide certified by the Balearic Government and professional local mountain guide in Mallorca.  Owner of the local tour agency in Mallorca ( ). Living and working in Mallorca for more than last 20 years.

Passionate about sharing my insider view of Mallorca, a beautiful island that is now my home. I will guide you not only through the history of the capital city Palma de Mallorca but also through the customs and traditions the locals hold dear, telling you stories about how the life on the island used to be.

In love with nature and the mountains. I will take you to the places in the mountains that will leave you in awe. The views from our hiking tracks are breathtaking. A clear head and healthy exercise in the fresh air are my new addiction that I want to share with yo


Any questions? Contact us directly at: or 


yoga in Mallorca
Mallorca mountains

Our Itinerary

April 4-8, 2024


DAY 1 - Let´s meet!

Arrival to Palma de Mallorca . Palma de Mallorca airport is the 3rd busiest airport in Spain with flights from many destinations. Make sure you arrive on April 4 before 4:00pm so that we can start our program together. If you need or wish to arrive one day earlier we can book the room for you.

Our hotel is located directly on the beach and only 6 km from the airport. You can take a taxi from the airport to the hotel. If you wish to be picked up at the airport, please, contact us.

At 4:00 pm we all meet and officially start our adventure. We begin with an opening circle at the beach, with a short meditation, and we set an intention for the trip.

Next, we  discover the beautiful historical centre of  the city of Palma de Mallorca. Dita, our local guide, will take us through the narrow streets and will tell us all about the history of the city and its amazing cathedral. Together we will taste some tapas before driving back to the hotel.

DAY 2 - Tramuntana Mountains

We start the day with an energizing yoga session. After breakfast we drive to the Tramuntana Mountains, to the monastery of Lluc where we spend next two nights.

Lluc monastery is a secluded place in the heart of the Tramuntana mountain range. You will be amazed by its tranquil energy.

After arrival we set to our first hiking tour. It will be an easy hike and we will incorporate the practice of forest therapy. Time for a picnic.

Next a calming yoga session awaits before dinner.

Evening meals are not included in the price. You can have dinner at the restaurant at Lluc monastery. It is 15€ two a course meal ( two vegetarian options). Or you can walk to a nearby restaurant and choose from their menu – typical Spanish meals.

DAY 3 - Reaching the top

We start the day with an energizing yoga session. After breakfast we start our second, a little bit more demanding, hiking tour. We will reach the top of the nearest mountain where the views will leave you in awe. Time for a picnic before going back down to the Lluc monastery.

A calming yoga session before dinner.

Evening meals are not included in the price. You can have dinner at the restaurant at Lluc monastery. It is 15€ two a course meal ( two vegetarian options). Or you can walk to a nearby restaurant and choose from their menu – typical Spanish meals. 

DAY 4 - Orange Blossom & Sóller

We start the day with an energizing yoga session. After breakfast we say goodbye to the Lluc monastery our driver will take us to the starting point of our next wonderful hiking tour. 

The tour will take us through the mountain range to the beautiful village of Sóller. We will walk through the typical countryside filled with the orange and lemon trees in bloom. We will meet donkeys and sheep and be amazed with the coulours, sounds, scents and the overall peaceful harmony.

As a reward after a long hike, and because you deserve the best, a Spa will be ready to receive you at our amazing and luxurious Gran Hotel where we will spend the last night of our adventure.

An optional evening yoga session – as we assume the Spa will take all of your attention.

You can have dinner at the hotel restaurant but we recommend exploring the local restaurants in Sóller.


DAY 5 - Sóller Vilage and Goodbye

We meet for our last morning yoga session. After breakfast we start our hiking tour that will take us through amazing sceneries to the village of Sóller.

In Sóller you can try a glass of fresh orange juice and then we will take a historical tram back to our hotel in the Port of Sóller. 

This will mark the end of our adventure.

Because we know that you will love the hotel in the Port of Sóller you might want to stay a day or two longer. Please, let us know in advance to arrange the room for you.

We can also arrange the transport to the airport.


* Please, note: The itinerary can change according to the weather conditions.


this sounds amazing! i can´t wait to join! 

You need to know

What if I am not a yogi?

This journey is open to any adventurous and nature-loving soul. Yoga practice during our journey is not obligatory. So you can happily join us even if yoga is something you are not interested in.

Nonetheless, if you happen to change your mind while traveling with us I will be pleased to welcome you at any of our yoga sessions.

What level of fitness is required?

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants, a basic level of fitness is required for the hiking part of this journey. While the trails we explore offer breathtaking views and unforgettable moments, they also require a certain level of physical endurance and mobility.

You should be comfortable walking moderate distances over varied terrain and be prepared for changes in elevation.

No prior experience with yoga is required. I will guide you through the yoga sessions with care and attention to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

If you have any concerns about your fitness level or specific health considerations, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am here to support you on your journey to wellness and adventure!

What is the weather like and what should I pack?

The weather in Mallorca in spring is mild, with sunshine and nice temperatures. Nevertheless, there might be some rain and, as we are in the mountains, the wind can be quite strong on occasions.

That is why your clothes should be waterproof and windproof. Bring something to cover your head and your neck.

Your hiking shoes must be comfortable, rigid and waterproof, with plentiful ankle support and thick soles. No sneakers, please! The terrain is rocky so you need good shoes for your own protection – shoes that keep your feet safe.

If you have further questions about what to bring, please, don´t hesitate to contact me.


Do I need a travel insurance?

Absolutely yes. We require that all travellers have their travel and health insurance.  We also recommend that your insurance covers your trip cancellation.