Private Yoga 

Enjoy the luxury of self-care 

Private yoga classes in Ibiza

Private Yoga Classes

Enjoy all the benefits of having a private yoga teacher. Find your balance, energy, and joy with private yoga classes in Ibiza.

Work closely with me in 1on1 yoga sessions. Build your personal yoga practice, and address every part of your body and mind that needs your attention. I offer tailored yoga lessons for my private students, meeting them where they are in the journey and helping them achieve desired results through yoga.

Private yoga sessions are available in person and online.

If you are looking for a yoga instructor at home, who can help you get your yoga goals in order, you are at the right place!
Whether you are a beginner looking for a private yoga instructor to begin your yoga journey or a seasoned yogi who needs the guidance and company of a certified yoga instructor to take you to the next level of yoga skills, I offer one-on-one yoga sessions that are tailored to your individual body.

I’m a former dancer, teacher and fitness instructor backed by 20 years of experience. This extensive experience enables me to identify and cater to your body’s individual needs, strengths and limitations.

My beginner yoga students feel safe and comfortable when trying yoga for the first time with me. I give them the space that they need to feel safe and comfortable. I enable them to really feel into their bodies without pushing them, holding space for them to explore their bodies and minds.

This creates a deeper, more meaningful yoga experience and brings higher levels of relief, relaxation and release.

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Private Retreats

Coming to Ibiza and looking to treat yourself to a unique experience – then a private retreat is just for you.

Luxury private retreats bring you an excellent opportunity to dive deep into your self-care with tailor-made guidance just for you, your body and your needs.

Tell me what you need and we’ll design a tailor-made private yoga retreat for you. You decide if you need one day or one week. 

Enjoy the luxury of self-care to rebalance, recharge and reconnect with yourself, with your body, mind and soul.

In-Person Private Yoga Lessons In Ibiza:

Want to practice yoga at home, we can arrange in-person private yoga sessions at your villa in Ibiza. If you want a change of scenery and enjoy the fresh outdoor air during our private yoga class, we can choose a place together.

The goal here is to make sure you have an amazing experience and feel comfortable during the yoga session.

Online Yoga Class 

If you prefer Online private yoga sessions via Zoom, I am also open to that option. Whether you live across the street – or the continent – a live-streaming yoga class can be a great way to invigorate the day!
My Zoom yoga classes ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of yoga even if there is no yoga instructor available near you. You can still benefit from my expertise and work on improving your body, regulating your nervous system, and finding your balance through yoga. 

This way you don’t have to spend time getting to a yoga studio and fit a quick yoga session into your busy routine!

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Individual Coaching

I’m not only a yoga instructor, but also a certified NLP coach! This enables me to guide you to your full potential. I’ll help you get over mindset issues and mental blocks. I’ll teach you habits that improve your health and wellness. I offer positive mindset tools so that you can maintain a serene, balanced and happy life no matter what your circumstances are.

We can work together in person in beautiful natural surroundings in Ibiza or if this is not possible for you at the moment we can connect online.

Yoga, meditation, mindset: just a click away!


What My Clients Say

„A magical moment dedicated to myself.
And with Jana fabulous. She guides the session with great skill. I am super grateful for this experience. Her personal gentle guidance is very powerful and supportive.“

Lali, Ibiza, 2018