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Group Yoga Classes in Ibiza

Looking for Yoga Classes in Ibiza – We’ve got you covered, find different types of group yoga classes below and choose the one that fits!

If you’re looking for a personal yoga trainer or an online yoga experience, please check out our Private yoga offerings.

How is Yoga Good for Nervous System Regulation?

Yoga plays a key role in helping you get to a regulated state where you are able to act from your center, from a point of stability, and not from an altered emotional state.

How many times have you regretted saying or doing something in anger without analysing the situation first?

Through yoga and breathing techniques you can get yourself to calm down, and reach a regulated emotional state to make conscious decisions rather than thoughtlessly reacting to a situation.

This skill is crucial for maintaining a happy, guilt-free life, where you can deal with tough situations at work or home in a balanced manner, after giving due thought and exploring all the possible options for a particular circumstance. 

Ready to incorporate yoga into your daily routine? Try one of our group yoga sessions!

Group Yoga Ibiza

Group Yoga Classes 

Is practicing yoga in Ibiza on your bucket list?
Or perhaps Beach Yoga is more your vibe?

Come join me for our ocean-side yoga session where meditating to the sound of the ocean will take your yoga experience to a whole new level.
After the yoga session, we will offer you a healthy breakfast/brunch that will keep you energised for the day.

We offer this session as Yoga and Brunch in Ibiza on different directories. Our Tripadvisor listing has glowing reviews with 100% of our clients recommending our yoga and brunch classes by the sea.

Come alone or bring your friends or family members and join me for this wonderful and fulfilling yoga experience.

Yoga & Sailing

Vicinity to the sea has a very calming effect on the mind. The rhythmic sound of the ocean waves helps release all the “feel-good” chemicals in our brain like dopamine and oxytocin, and if you combine this experience with yoga, the experience is one of a kind!

That’s why I offer a Yatch Yoga retreat in Ibiza! Get as close to the sea as possible with this incredible experience.
Our Yoga and Sailing Day is for adventurous yogis and yoginis who want to enjoy an energising morning yoga practice and then swim in the crystal clear waters of Ibiza.

Boat Yoga Ibiza, Yatch yoga Ibiza
Experience the beautiful seascape while you enjoy a yoga retreat on a boat! It’s a unique and relaxing experience that can be the highlight of your conscious travel plans.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy a group yoga session with your friends, your family or your colleagues.

Yoga brings people together and creates beautiful bonds and memories. Create yours by booking a Yoga and Sailing session today!

Hen Do Yoga Party in Ibiza

Hen Do | Bachelorette Party Yoga

Are you coming to Ibiza for your Hen Do party? Embrace the sustainable way of life, and opt for the experience of a lifetime by choosing a Hen Do Yoga session.

Our Zen Hen sessions are a class of their own. The ladies find the relaxing yoga bachelorette parties to be just the thing to relieve the stress that naturally accompanies the beginning of such an important phase in life.

Wedding Yoga

Are you coming to Ibiza for your wedding?

Make it a unique experience for the bride, groom, and wedding guests with a special bonding yoga session. If you’ve chosen Ibiza as your wedding destination in 2024, we highly recommend adding a wedding yoga session to the event. 

Celebrate your love with yoga. Bring your spouse-to-be and your wedding guests to a loving yoga session tailor-made for you.

Our wedding yoga events are a great way to add a unique yet relaxing element to your big day and enjoy slowing down a little amidst the excitement and fast pace of the most important day in your life! 

Ready to add Hen Yoga to your event?

What You Need to Know Before Booking A Yoga Class?

Here are a few frequently asked questions before booking a yoga class:

Are the Yoga classes beginner-friendly?

Yes, I offer Beginner-friendly Yoga classes.
All my yoga classes are consciously designed in a way that they are suitable for complete beginners. My experience as a former teacher and fitness instructor allows me to work well with beginners and provide them with a safe space to explore the limitations and capabilities of their bodies for a unique and rewarding yoga experience. 

„I’m looking for an advanced yoga class near me.“

Whether it’s your first time trying out a yoga session or you are an experienced yogi who is looking for a more advanced yoga class, my yoga classes are adaptable to match your level of comfort.

Twenty years of experience allow me to accurately gauge my client’s comfort level, and adapt the yoga session according to their needs. 

Do I need to Bring a yoga mat to the session?
No, Yoga mats are provided at the venue.

What should I wear for a yoga class?
You’ll be bending and stretching so your clothes need to accommodate all the levels of yoga movements. Wear comfortable clothes that are stretchable.

Practical Info

 for booking a yoga session:

  • Classes suitable for complete beginners
  • Classes adapt to all levels
  • Yoga mats are provided
  • Wear comfortable clothes


What to Expect

You will move all parts of your body and you will connect with your breath

No prior experience needed

You do not have to be flexible

I will gently guide you through asana (yoga pose)  practice, pranayama (breath control) and short meditation

Yoga practice liberates tensions in your physical and emotional body so sometimes tears may appear after the yoga session. It is nothing to be worried about, you are just releasing. I will be there for you after the session to answer any questions.


What My Clients Say

“All girls loved it!!!
It was not an easy group as the physical mobility was so different in our group. And even that the flow was perfect. Not too hard and perfect to adjust for all levels.
All words you say touched us.
The best was the „studio“, we felt grounded and safe with the rocks under us and light and free with that amazing view.
Thanks for that amazing experience.“

Alina, hen do weekend, Ibiza, 2022